Fall off the kitchen metope ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-02

in the contemporary bedroom, the kitchen metope ceramic tile is used for decoration, such beautiful sex is stronger, the kitchen whole metope is clean, not because a little oil and cleaning not clean, believe careful friend also find that the ground of the kitchen metope used is not like the ground is square, usually is a rectangle. So the kitchen metope ceramic tile falling off?

1。 If just falls off the kitchen ceramic tile, mortar on the wall, the ground without looseness, the solution is to shave ceramic tile on the back and side residual slurry and then to the back of a ceramic tile evenly coated with a layer of mortar, and press back in place. If mortar and tile fall together, processing way is in the wall, the ground first MAO pit base surface and then on the basis of a layer of mortar, then put the ceramic tile press, until the ceramic tile is fixed on the top.

2。 Ceramic tile fall off when laying the day to glue with ordinary cement mortar, cement mortar bond is low and especially vulnerable to environmental factors, often have an empty drum ceramic tile or falls off phenomenon. If there is such a phenomenon is a good way is to replace the strong cohesive force, water proofing property of ceramic tile adhesive. Special ceramic tile adhesive will not be affected by environment, it is very practical and the price is not expensive.

3。 Kitchen wall ceramic tile, ceramic tile is the use of the special glue to stick a knot, and compared with the traditional cement mortar, ceramic tile glue stick a knot not only strong, not easy to fall off empty drum, thickness thin green nontoxic and posted, the ceramic tile of the beautiful sex there were good security and robustness.

kitchen metope ceramic tile loss what to do, top also has made the detailed introduction for everyone, if you want to learn more knowledge can focus on our ceramic tile.

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