Fall off the kitchen ceramic tile to repair

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-20

as the most common type of household decorates material, ceramic tile is generally used in kitchen or bathroom frequency is more, but because of the two parts contact water more frequently. So lead to appear empty drum ceramic tile or falls off phenomenon, so the kitchen ceramic tile off how to repair?

1。 Edges empty drum: if found that empty drum ceramic tile edge in after the shop is stuck, can be carried out on the local part of the empty drum water treatment, avoid the overall change.

2。 Partial empty drum: wall ground tile appear a few local empty drum, such as in does not affect ambry, lens ark, showers and water heater installation conditions, can not be processed, but if affect installation and daily life, recommends that the ceramic tile of the local knock off the shop is stuck again.

3。 Large empty drum: if meet two-thirds of space appear empty drum ceramic tile, suggested that all come down to the shop is stuck.

4。 Repair the point: if there are any shop sticks ceramic tile for a longer time appear empty drum, in the middle of the demolition can from brick openings, then slowly around crack pry up, in order to avoid damage to the ceramic tile around the.

5。 Large size shop sticks ceramic tile: construction process in big norms product, model needs to be done before the shop is stuck piece, bond strength test, to prevent the blind construction of big empty drum or falls off phenomenon. Fall off the kitchen ceramic tile to repair is introduced here, if you still want to know more can focus on us.

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