Dosage of kitchen ceramic tile is how to measure

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-21

the kitchen is household life more areas with water, therefore needs when decorate a kitchen shop sticks ceramic tile, avoid water wet permeability metope, traumatic to metope, not only may also affect the household life of comfort, so dosage of kitchen ceramic tile is how to measure?

indispensable decorative materials when the family is decorated in ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of sale on the market at present breed of design and color is various, quality and price, and a family to decorate both bag and light industry, decoration workers always want to master to choose ceramic tile, which is a bother people when ceramic tile of choose and buy. In fact the most headache is not choose the varieties of ceramic tile, but the amount of ceramic tile, general big pack to decorate, can appear false materials area, light decoration will let host material choose and buy as much as possible, and reduce the construction difficulty.

as a result, in front of the ceramic tile of choose and buy must calculate well to the area of the shop is stuck, now a lot of building materials stores are equipped with conversion chart, buyer according to the number of ceramic tile room area is detected. Some graphs as long as to understand the high degree and the width of metope can find out the amount of ceramic tile, and also indicate the list box on the outer packing of ceramic tile ceramic tile is the area of the shop is stuck. After measuring the good actual material, plus a certain amount of loss.

in addition, when plain coloured ceramic tile of choose and buy wants to join some ceramic tile to try to adorn with bright-coloured color, can design the ceramic tile of metope, first that estimate quantity is simple. Paper can also be cut into ceramic tile size on the wall, though the sample take time, but it can be seen that the effect of the shop is stuck, at the same time, the dosage of the measure is more precise. Again, the best is to buy ceramic tile of choose and buy the same batch number of cases of ceramic tile, in order to avoid color difference.

dosage of kitchen ceramic tile is how to measure is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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