Dining-room kitchen with gray tiles

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-25

to decorate the restaurant kitchen, must choose suitable color, make the decoration design and the actual effect is best, to facilitate the application of the middle and later feeling, it is not easy to cause visual fatigue. Some people love to pick the restaurant kitchen gray tiles, dining-room kitchen grey tiles in choosing what method, and the basic principle of what color?

a consistent, dining-room kitchen gray tiles and wall

1, dining-room kitchen gray tiles, if supplement deep stitched a brick. Can make all the grey value of the room is more harmonious.

2. He who loves contracted and the atmosphere, can be used to contain the dark grey wall brick that cool color moves, such as light green or light blue.

3, light gray tiles, kitchen wall brick flaxen metope brick, it can be applied to prevent the under the heavy weight.

2 how to match the room, dining-room kitchen gray ceramic tile color, each color is 1 has its own meaning. Before choosing the application of color, we must grasp of the various color has a certain: bright red, bright yellow, orange, can give a person a kind of comfort, to generate excitement; Green, dark grey, green, long-term in that kind of natural environment, daily life can feel peaceful, but sometimes can appear and even depression feeling; Milky white and colored more extreme, a film is very easy to diversify my concentration, and ivory has excessive saturation.

2 above, apart from the basic definition of color, also must consider all sorts of unusual color meaning, in order to convenient after the color of choice: caramel color, lake color, blue and ochre, etc. , the overall effect is very deep, with fresh and elegant connotation, the construction of a light mood, have bright feeling, very happy, right of small and medium-sized restaurant kitchen. Gray, light blue, dark red, etc. , are attributable to ivory, for all produce comfortable interior space open thought, is to feel a kind of calm and comfortable. How to gray restaurant kitchen ceramic tile and wall brick,

and how to match the room color, have above, the method of room if you choose the right color, can produce comfortable home feeling. Supplement is not too good, on the other hand, will settle will harm the feelings, and even harm your mood, so to choose a good supplement method.

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