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custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport

custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport

Custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport

Tile type
Full Body Rustic Tile
Polished/Matt Finished
Grey color
Surface Treatment
Glazed Tiles
Porcelain Tiles
Floors of Residential Building, Office Building, Municipal Building, Airport, Shopping Mall, Super Market, Apartment, Hotel, School, Hospital, Museum, Bank, Park, Zoo, Bookshop, Restaurant, Coffee Bars etc., Also Can be used for Walls, Borders
Paper carton with wooden pallet
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Delivery time
With 20 days after deposit
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Product Details
With the dedication to pursue excellence, Longways Building Materials strives for perfection in every detail.ceramic tile is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.
Company Advantages
1. LONGFAVOR porcelain cement is completed with fine finishing in accordance with the quality standards of the industry.
2. Timely corrective measures have been taken when spotting defects, ensuring the consistently high quality of the product.
3. For many people, this product has been a must-have garment every day that serves both an aesthetic and practical use.
4. Being able to slightly support the arch, the product can improve step balance and foot strength when people are walking.
Product Display
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Industry Style Series Porcelain Tiles are dominated by sample tone, return to the natural simplicity of life. Not only focus on texture, but also pay more attention to the effect of light sensitivity, anti-slip, touch and other aspects, which is suitable for various environments. It can be used for commercial space, home, offices, libraries, hotels and so on. The cement itself has a unique texture that gives us a unique, rough and original design. The natural and random paving effect, creating a modern and simple style of home.

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Product Display
DESCRIPTIONTECHNICAL REQUIREMENTSUNIT24X24 inch/600x600mm24x48 inch/600x1200mm



Grey colorGrey color
Tile type

Full Body Glazed TileFull Body Glazed Tile

mm 9.5 mm 11.5 mm
Straightness of sides ±0.5( % )-0.05~+0.06-0.04~+0.05
 Maximum±1.5mm -0.27~+0.33-0.37~+0.48
Rectangularity ±0.5( % )-0.06~+0.07-0.05~+0.07
 Maximum±2.0mm -0.35~+0.41-0.41~+0.67
Water AbsorptionAverage maximum 0.5    Individual maximum 0.6( % )≤ 0.5≤ 0.5
Scratch HardnessAccording to JC/T 872-2000(Mohs)66
Breaking StrengthWhen the thickness≥7.5mm, the mean calue shall not be less than 1300(N)≥1 300≥1300
Chemical ResistanceMinimum GB(GL)Class A – Res.Class A – Res.
Modulus of ruptureAverage minmum 35   Individual minmum32(Mpa)4040
Crazing resistanceNo crazing or peeling on the glazed surface after the crazing test. (---)conformedconformed
Resistance to stainingMininum class 3(---)class5class5

Technical Data of the Porcelain tile

Modulus of rupturemaximum 35
Static coefficient of friction>=0.5
Water absorption<=0.5
Breaking strength>=1300
Product Details
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Several Sizes

Several major sizes to meet the needs of different spatial scales. According to different needs and designs, cutting it into different sizes. The paving of large-size tiles visually gives us a sense of extension and expansion. Different sizes can also be paved mixedly. Although it is mixed use, feel not messy but full of fun due to large sizes.

 Size: 600mm*600mm, 12 patterns

          600mm*1200mm, four-six patterns

          900mm*900mm, four-six patterns, suitable for large space.

Full Body

The color and texture of tile is unified, which can meet the needs of a variety of cutting including tile chamfering, slot broaching, stairs tiles slot. Every point of view and cutting methods can achieve the perfect rendering of the texture.

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1. Transparent glaze: The transparent glaze is added from the bottom to the surface, and a layer of glaze is added to the surface, which increases the smoothness.

2. Roughness: Add dry granular to increase anti-slip factor to R10-R12.

3. Semi-polished: On the basis of rough tiles, retains its anti-slip performance while polished surface, which increase the gloss of tiles.

Product advantage
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Strong and dense tile that can withstand high surface traffic
custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport-19
Chemical resistant
custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport-20
Does not have a glaze that may wear off or scratch
custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport-21
The color of tile runs all the way through the tile

custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport-22
When produced with an anti slip finish, they can be installed in wet areas and areas where slip resistant floors are required
custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport-23
Frost resistant
custom printing porcelain cement white oem Airport-24
Water absorption is less than 0.5%.
Packing Information

We can supply free sample, please write down your information then our sales can contact you!

Company Features
1. Compared with other peers, Foshan Longways Building Materials Co.,Ltd has a higher and more advanced technical level in developing and manufacturing tile cement .
2. We have first-class production testing and research facilities. These highly efficient facilities are introduced from developed countries. The facilities provide a solid foundation for product quality and production capability.
3. Our company has been promoting the healthy development of the industry and creating benefits for society. We will continue to contribute our efforts in creating economic values. We strive to continually innovate, improve, and advance manufacturing technologies and methodologies. Our goal is to provide the best results for our customers. Our company always takes customer satisfaction as the basis. We have put much effort to build trust with them and come up with various win-win solutions, aiming to improve their satisfaction rate. We aim to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. We strictly comply with all relevant environmental legislation and involve all our employees in our environmental programs.
aweosme product. i recommend it
Arrived just in time. It stated that it might be a lighter color when mixed and it was but it was close enough. The Ceramic Tilepro Epoxy mixed and applied sealed the cracks. Very happy with the and will use this again.
Good so far, haven't use shower yet,still drying.
It works OK but is not quite as easy to mix as anticipated.
Great stuff no problems after a yr of use
Buy one of these unless you own a restaurant.. It goes a long way but works. A couple of treatments turned my beige-gray grout back to white again. (I took a star off because I bought two bottles. I don't accept responsibility unless shamed into it.)
Works as advertised. I used it on shower floor, and it appears to be waterproof. It would have been easier if they threw in a few ounces of grout instead of me having to buy a 20 lb. bag.
I didn't buy this exact configuration as I bought it around July of 2015. It came with the two bottles of product and the syringe. I needed this because my showers sanded grout kept cracking where the wall and floor tile meet, especially in the corners. The shower was installed a little over 4 years ago and no matter what the grout kept cracking. I bought this because of the great reviews and wanted something permanent that wouldn't crack again. I originally tried scraping the old grout out with an exacto knife but that was such a horrible process I checked out Amazon for something to help me with that process. I ended up buying the Hyde Tools, Inc. Hyde 19500 Regrout Tool 3-Speed Electric Grout Remover and it was a LIFESAVER. It made removing the grout so much easier and even if I never use it again it was worth buying it! To say the application process was not neat is an understatement. I used the syringe but between trying to fill it and the product squirting out all over it was pretty comical. Also, I used the original color grout that was used on my shower and listen to Jason when he says to use a darker grout. The mixture does come out lighter but it isn't super noticeable in my shower and I can live with it being a tad lighter. I regrouted the shower over 2 months ago and am happy to say that there are NO CRACKS!! I believe that this product will hold up and not crack in the future. I highly recommend this product!
This Epoxy Grout is an amazing stuff! It was my first time re-grouting bathroom and I knew before starting my project, that an epoxy grout for the whole surface would be an overkill. So, I searched and found this Epoxy Bond (on youtube)to do the job for the perimeter around the shower tub. It is very easy to work with and to apply. Cleanup was not bad as well, as I allocated enough time for the whole project. ~*~One tip for the people who struggle with filling-up the syringe. I put the the mixed grout (I used 32 oz. clean yogurt cup to mix it in) into a ziplock bag, cut a hole in one corner just to be big enough to fill up the syringe and not make a mess, and filled the syringe that way. Had a layer out newspaper next to me so that I can rest the bag on there. No mess, easy storing in the ziplock bag and easy cleanup.~*~ I did have couple of questions during my project and called the provided phone number-and let me tell you, the customer service is absolutely wonderful! Overall, I am very glad I decided to use this product as it was exactly what I needed. My shower is sparkling clean with no leaks. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much CeramicTilePro for your help making my project be successful. I will be using your product again in the future.
I just used your Epoxy Bond this morning in the joint between the tile wall and tile floor. It was easy to mix and apply. I watched your video again just before doing the job. I was able to get a sanded cement based grout color that matched our existing grout perfectly. The preparation of the grout joint prior to using epoxy bond was the only time consuming part of this job. I took my time and cleaned the area thoroughly. Placing the epoxy bond/grout mixture into the syringe was a little tricky at first since I did't fill up the syringe completely and trapped an air bubble inside the syringe. I realized that I needed to fill the syringe up completely then place the plunger and then express out some excess to get the plunger into the syringe then I was ready to go. I mixed half of the resin and half of the hardener and then added the enough grout to make a mixture that filled the syringe around 1 1/4 times. That was enough to do about 16 feet of grout around the base of my shower. All in all Epoxy Bond was easy to use and your video did a great job in explaining the process so a do-it-yourself guy like me can make a really good looking grout joint. I am very glad that when I was researching how to grout a shower that you had your videos there online.
I couldn't find another product that would do what I needed to be done - repairing cracked grout on a shower curb that was finished only 3 months ago. I asked that epoxy be used originally but the contractor talked me out of it and we were left with cracked grout both horizontally and vertically on the curb. We think probably from the weight of the floating glass panel and door that sit on/or across the curb. It's about 6' long. It was the perfect material - easy to mix and clean-up if you follow Jason's instructions. The tile guy who did the repair thought that it was the best/easiest product he had ever used. The other stuff is too expensive and too much especially if you have extra grout left from the original job. I asked the guy to watch the video so he knew exactly what the consistency should be. I could have easily done it myself but the it was the contractor's responsibility to make things right. I would use this product for a variety of repairs, if needed.
Epoxy bond is a fantastic grout repair, I have used this product multiple times for gourting and caulking, Jason the owner of the product will answer any questions you may have by phone or email or youtube ITS VERY SIMPLE JUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS MIX AND APPLY ITS THAT EASY, I always keep a extra kit on hand, its every thing Jason says it is.Happy Grouting
I used the kit for a project in my bathroom, between the bathtub and the tiles on the wall (all white). I used non-sanded grout. I was a little nervous in the beginning, but I watched the videos and I learned how to use the products. The grout cleaner is pretty good too, I could see the difference on the grout I cleaned in the shower. I waited 3 full days for the product to set/dry. It looks amazing! Now, I need to continue to seal the bathtub and the floor tiles.
I used the epoxy bond grout repair kit to repair my shower pan in the master bath. First, I'd like to give kudos to Jason and his customer service. I was truly impressed with the fact that Jason called me to discuss my project and to insure I was purchasing the correct product to complete it. The epoxy bond grout kit was easy to mix and apply presenting a clean and professional finish. This was my first time grouting or re-grouting tile and I was able to do it nicely. Overall a great product and experience.
This item works. My husband used it about two month ago and so far so good! He had to do the shower floor edge. He had tried using cement grout with just the water and it lasted two weeks before we could see the cracks around the whole shower floor, he did that twice before I looked on line and found Jason's video on usinig the Epoxy Bond . So I aked my husband to watch video and tell me if he thought we could do it. He said it looked simply enough so we tried it. I am so glad we did. Our only problem was with the syringe. Once product was in, it kept coming out, we had no way of stopping it, so you'll need a bucket of clean water and rags to keep things clean.
I gave this product a trial run on a small repair job and was very impressed. So I did a full shower floor next, and I can say it works exactly as advertised. Simply to use, plenty of work time and sets up extremely hard. I will never use anything else where there is a chance of water damage. I would recommend it to anybody. Great product!
I found the Epoxy Bond to be easy to use. Watch the video as it gives great instructions. I used a large syringe to apply. The Epoxy Bond is so easy to clean. No more silicon caulking to replace every few years. A great product. Clean up as you go and wipe up any drips. Once it dries, it is permanent. I would highly recommend this product for any size job.
Good instructions. Is a little difficult getting into the syringe but i think the end result will be worth it. I have a grout line in the corner of my shower that has cracked three times the first two times I re-grouted with normal grout. After finding this online it is exactly what I was looking for. Grout that is stronger and has a little flexibility to it.
I had to sift the "chunks" from my gout so it would come out of the syringe. Initially I did not and it was a big mess. Once I had smooth grout powder to mix in it was easy as can be.
Product worked great. Told the tile man about it, great item
After a couple of test runs, we found mixing the glitter directly into the grout wasn't the effect we wanted. We decided to do the initial grouting, glitter free, and then work the glitter into the the grout after the last sponging. (I used a make up kabuki brush to dab the glitter from a bowl into the grout) We let it set over night, gave the tile a nice buff and the glitter was perfect. My picture doesn't do the end result justice!
Used your purple glitter yesterday after a very long and arduous bathroom remodel...on black granite floor. Charcoal grout with purple glitter...24 hours.. owner says she wasn't that happy with her floor choice...until the purple glitter made it sizzle!! Matches rich purple wall color... black granite picks up purple cast from walls...sparkles...beautiful... My friend is practically homicidal over a very small but very botched remodel beginning 6 months ago... going on 4th contractor...a plumber this time... hoping he can bring it home with new shower/tub and vanity w/vessel sink....my friend has been so down and depressed about all the screw ups.. stealing..lazy, incompetent people in and out of her house...laid out the grout then the purple glitter.. she said this one little touch made her happier than she has been in months... literally!!! A true life-saver!! ??
I added this to the grout in my female bathroom at my business. Female customers love it!
The product is easily mixed and applied. Well worth the investment. Will order again on the next project.
It looks great on my kitchen tile!
So I bought this to attempt to repair my kitchen tile where a few small pieces have become loose. Initially it worked really great, easy to apply, stayed in place and I was super proud of my handy fix. However, it only last a few weeks. Now this could very well be a lack of expertise on my end on how to properly apply and it is in a very high traffic area but I was a little disappointed. I will just reapply for now to temporarily fix the problem until I have the money for a more permanent solution.
Got the job done when I had to put back down some loose tiles. Very pleased with the ease of use and lack of mess.
I like the convenience of the tube and it makes it easy to put the product where it needs to go
Its very helpful
as expected
worked as advertised
Great book very informative
Typically, the most expensive replacement to make on any home undoubtedly must be the roof. This tutorial to include a multitude of invaluable accompanying pictures offered in simple layman's terms all the necessary equipment, steps and material that would be needed for the DIY home building enthusiast. With expert guidance provided from beginning to end, this is the go-to book I would recommend for anyone considering repairing or replacing their roof. I send my gratitude to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group - Cool Springs Press for this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.
This is one of those top 0.1% products for me. It has literally saved me from having to replace (i.e. add a second tile layer) my old fashion type Spanish roof (a roughly 90 year old home). I can only imagine how much money this will save me. Basically these roofs become leaky when the mortar on the crest cap develops cracks and lets water leak in wherever it finds a hole in the tar paper below. I applied MOR-FLEXX 3 years ago to seal the cracks on the crest cap and it stopped my leak. I went up again today to apply some more and examine the roof. The 3 year old application still looks totally solid inspite of being constantly exposed to intense California sunshine. There is no degradation due to UV that I can see. The product is easy to apply, has the same grainy type texture of mortar to match and blend in well, does not contain any nasty solvents, adheres to my tile and solidifies any crumbly area, and even has enough thickness to fill substantially sized holes. It is just an amazing product and I am their customer for life.
Got this because our house had some cracks in the mortar. Brick foundation. I got this hoping it would blend well, it blended perfectly! It’s been months since I put it on and it has held up perfect same as the day I put it on. It’s been through freezing weather and hot weather (90) with no issues. I would buy again without worry.
I used this to caulk a decorative block skirt around a manufactured home that had cracked from soil movement. I used it in some very large gaps and it filled very well and left a nice textured mortar look. The grey was too light colored from the grey mortar originally used but I suppose I could stain it if it does not darken up in time. Very easy to apply and work with, but it should be for the price they charge for one tube. I will see how it holds up this winter and update the review after the thaw. This is suppose to flex and expand instead of crack like mortar so we shall see.
Slapped it into the gun and quickly filled a few holes a crappy cable installer had left in the mortar of my brick house. Works great, very nice consistency.
Easy to apply and clean-up. It is more white than grey.
This stuff is AWESOME! Used it to go over caulk where stucco meets brick on my house. Easy to apply and looks great!
Works great to fill in mortar on bricks. Sticks and stays. Worth the price.
Superior product! I highly recommend this for an exterior sealant that really looks like mortar! I have purchased both colors and they match other masonry/mortar.
The color is more beige than gray. It did the job, but disappointed that the color wasn't as described.
Works as stated, would order again
Be careful when shopping for this product, make sure your notice this is only 1lb. when it is mostly sold as 3lbs.
I had an issue with grout cracking on my newly-installed floor. My floor was not sufficiently rigid for regular grout to work. Admittedly, this was my oversight. Rather than pull the entire floor up and start over, as is the recommended practice, I decided to try this product. To my surprise, it worked very well. Not only did it fill without cracking, but it appears to have stabilized what little flex there was. Only time will tell if it will last, but I am happy with the results so far. Note for newcomers to epoxy grouts: Make sure you clean up any spillage or grout haze IMMEDIATELY after application. Removal of grout haze can be very difficult after the epoxy sets. This is common for any epoxied grout. I only have two complaints: My first complaint is that I lost the color from my grout. My dark brown grout ended up a light gray. I beleive this is because the colorants used in standard grout are not soluble in the resin supplied. The second is that this product is somewhat pricey compared to some of the other options available.
The bottom edges of my tile shower were cracked and unsightly. I tried to get a professional to repair the shower but was not successful. I watched the demo of this product on youtube and decided to give it a try. I’m a recently retired accountant and my DIY skills are VERY LIMITED. In fact, pretty much non-existent. I followed the instructions and allowed myself plenty of uninterrupted time to complete the shower repair project. The end result was BEAUTIFUL. I was so proud of myself and extremely impressed with the product. Its been a year (I think) and the shower still looks great. I think the product is fantastic and will use it for any similar projects that may come up.
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