Common methods of ceramic tile shop sticks

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-06

the diamond shop is stuck:

relative invariable wall brick wall method, stick after the completion of the surface, relatively more show atmosphere, grade, in recent years of European and American family is decorated in a trend of rising year by year.

some areas use diamond shop is stuck, typically wall under the condition of no window or door, whether construction or finished surface, are relatively simple and the effect more easily.

for wall with a window, if also adopt the method of diamond shop is stuck, generally beginning with window for the wall brick, on both sides to stick, beginning on the side of the brick may be used for the shop is stuck, and the other side of the window, Whether it's side or top side) Size is not so often happens, usually can't be just the beginning is also the whole brick, wall brick with some of water chestnut position may size is very small, cutting and paving work is extremely difficult, unless it is a coincidence or strictly before open the window hole size is accurate.

this construction, workmanship requirements for workers is quite high, is also work, is not only for a bricklayer's pour inside high requirement of technology and the shop is stuck, you also need to adjust the gap before the tile accept dry, avoid serious uneven.

'work' word brick:

the h of ceramic tile shop is stuck, is after a simple line ( Or a column after) Ceramic tile with the previous line ( Or the previous column) The aligned parallel to the shop is stuck in the middle of each piece of ceramic tile. Below:

h ceramic tile shop sticks of advantages: floor tile i-section method is modeled on the shop of wooden floor way, it is more wood is used to copy a few species such as ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile.

confusion of 'work' word, will have a sense of strewn at random, but monotonous also highlights serious atmosphere, composed of heavy effect; Weaken the corridor is long and narrow space bring depressive feeling.

h ceramic tile shop sticks drawback: 'work' word spread on the process trival, and for workers on the construction process is more demanding.

sewing shop is stuck together:

because the shape of ceramic tile is a rule of square or rectangle, the most basic is also the easiest way to the shop is stuck is sewing shop is stuck.

qi sewing shop with two methods: one is horizontal, appear open space; Is a kind of vertical spread, appear tall space, this is the result of the visual effect of line.

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