Color kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy what is method

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-13

the kitchen is the place that home cooking food, housewives are often in the cooking for the family, so we cannot careless in ceramic tile, said today the kitchen ceramic tile color of choose and buy what is method?

1, in decorating a kitchen, most owners choose light color ceramic tile of the light, let a kitchen space looks more clean and tidy, in such an environment to do meal also can let a person feel more relaxed and cheerful mood, so the kitchen had better choose light color prevent slippery floor tile, but should not be too exaggerated, concave and convex texture or clean up very inconvenient.

2, want to let a kitchen space looks more bright, the collocation of wall brick color should choose light color light, ceramic tile, the average person will choose white wall brick, but if it is the kitchen of open mode, floor tile also had better choose light color fastens, ambry then use some of the more bright color, highlight the overall effect of the open kitchen.

3, in general, the color of the kitchen floor tile should according to the wall brick color and ambry to decide, because the kitchen is in use process cause oily be soiled, water be soiled, dirt, so you'd better choose dark colors more than kitchen or wall brick color to the shop is stuck, brick seam as thin as possible, this is not easy to shelter evil people and practices.

color kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy what is method is introduced here, if you still want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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