Characteristics of vitrified tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-03

when it comes to ceramic tile, there must be a lot of people don't know for this piece of said, although have ceramic tile in the home, but at first sight appears to be the same, so this small make up to make a brief introduction of what is the distinguishing feature of vitrified tile, hope I can help you learn more knowledge related to this aspect. ( Vitrified tile)

the first thing to know the advantages of vitrified tile:

1. Vitrified tile appearance is no color difference, bo changes a brick by itself is with bright colors, basically do not have clear off color, it can give people a sense of atmosphere. So if you have a larger request for the appearance of the ceramic tile is the best choose the ceramic tile.

2。 Vitrified tile basic are corrosion resistance, resistance to pollution, because this kind of brick is after high temperature sintering, however in the process of firing need completely porcelain into mullite crystals, such as so to make more excellent in terms of corrosion and fouling resistance. It is installed in the kitchen or toilet is also has a good effect.

3。 Vitrified tile of good hardness, although bo changes a brick quality of a material is thin, but in fact it's hardness, flexural strength is quite high, does not reduce the load of the buildings, and to reduce the construction difficulty. It is not easy to be broken, is simply the general decoration workers of the Gospel.

but even if such a good ceramic tile, is also have shortcomings, take a look at what are disadvantages:

the disadvantage of vitrified tile is really obvious, is that bo changes a brick after polishing, MAO pores are exposed, so making it easier for the dust, oil and other substances into it. And do not make anti-fouling processing vitrified tile in the process of using wax, so as to exert effect.

but not vitrified tile, even other high quality ceramic tile also is to have lightly some faults, would not be so picky, according to its features installed in its place is the best fit, finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( Vitrified tile)

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