Ceramic tile of the white composition details

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-01
Online will now have a lot of the information on to the white ceramic tile component details, from the composition of ceramic tile of the white details about the data we can come to the conclusion that a lot of detailed understanding of the elements of knowledge about the white ceramic tile, below is for us the information about the composition details of ceramic tile.

what is it made of ceramic tile

1, ceramic tile, is a refractory metal oxides and metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, the sintering process, and form a kind of acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone, such as construction or decoration materials, called ceramic tile. Its raw materials made of clay, quartz sand and so on mix design.

2, ceramic tile products raw materials come from powder, quartz powder, feldspar powder and zircon powder ore, the raw material contains a small amount of radioactive elements, a special radioactive gas emission in the process of decay. . . Radon, releases a ray, this phenomenon is called radioactive. Scientific research shows that if the radioactive intensity exceeds a certain amount, certainly will cause harm to the person, the key here is a question of quantity, the equivalent of less than a certain standard, the product is safe.

3, the radioactivity level of ceramic tile size is divided into three categories, use scope is not restricted class A, class B and class C for radionuclide content on the high side, is likely to cause harm to human body health, have to limit the use of scope, especially outside class C ceramic tile product only can be used in the structure of the veneer and other outdoor purposes.

how stickup ceramic tile?

1, the concrete surface should be cut hair at the grass-roots level, cut depth of 5 ~ 10 mm, MAO MAO chisel marks the spacing of about 30 mm. After that, the clean float ash mortar, oily be soiled, brush aproll major-general ground.

2, before the shop is stuck, should play a good line, pops up on the ground at right angles to the doorway of the reference line, spring line should be started, the door to ensure that the inlet for the brick, the whole brick is positioned below the internal Angle or furniture, spring line should pop up vertical and horizontal orientation control line.

3, before the shop is stuck ceramic floor tile, should first will soak them ground brick of pottery and porcelain. The shop is stuck, cement mortar should be full to put on the back of floor tile of pottery and porcelain, after the shop is stuck with rubber automobile accouterment-shaver knock. At the same time, with a spirit level check correction, wipe the surface of the cement mortar.

4, after the shop is stuck 2 ~ 3 small, wipe with white cement

that's small make up for all concluded about the composition of ceramic tile details about some of the content, the hope can help to you.

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