Ceramic tile decoration, kitchen ceramic tile is knowledge

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-11

in household decorate a design, the mainstream of the kitchen decorate on ceramic tile is given priority to, affix ceramic tile, after the shop is not only increase the kitchen appearance level a few class, in the aspect of health clean simple convenient also. So the ceramic tile on the market so much, suitable for kitchen ceramic tile is how to choose? Take a look at.

1。 Medium and small size ceramic tile in the kitchen has recently been more popular than in the past, many people find the small size of the square ceramic tile can build by laying bricks or stones out of the many unexpected changes, very suitable for a small area of the kitchen wall, some small ceramic tile specifications only 5 to 13 cm, and also can be used as an ornament, small brick excellent results.

2。 To highlight the kitchen space changes, the effect of brunet ceramic tile also is no longer the only choice; When the kitchen is generally small, light color ceramic tile which helps to expand the space of vision, more and more get the welcome of people. Able to bear or endure look of pure white is the most popular color, it doesn't even need any shadow or twill, pattern, only with all kinds of ornamental thread and flower piece to try to adorn, then draws out and lively, fashion sense; Shallow blue, apple green, light purple cool color attune such as ceramic tile also is very popular, they appear more match with white ceramic tile paving;

3。 The kitchen ceramic tile can choose a fancy, adorn insipid metope, for housewives cook make the same score please jump, lively atmosphere; Ceramic tile ceramic tile is not only a fancy, more the atmosphere of art; Spend hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan to buy a few ceramic tile artwork seamlessly in your own kitchen space, is a painting;

4。 When choosing a fancy brick, more important is to should have ceramic tile decoration concept; A k> Brick wall looks very beautiful alone: impression pure, colorful patterns; But to repeat after the shop is stuck of good one side, tend to be dazzling, desultorily, visual impact is too fierce; So ceramic tile also need to choose decorative as the starting point; Consumers can also refer to have shape of legend business model to imitate, or make business according to your idea to give professional advice and consulting, provide consultation service for such businesses have been growing.

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