Cad toilet ground tile shop sticks

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-09
So, the ceramic tile of toilet brick tends to reflect a person's taste and personality. Next, is small make up with cad simulated toilet ground floor tile method, let's take a look at the cad toilet ground floor tile method is special.

one of shop floor tile of toilet method: seam shop

now, the family is decorated use archaize floor tile is as a result of the fast rhythm of life now, people are more inclined to archaize brick paste. If archaize brick uneven glaze processing, can be made from corrosion, the shop is stuck in the toilet, can leave gaps, then filled with colored cement in the gap, so that we can make whole bedroom to achieve a unified effect.

the bathroom floor tile shop law # 2: metope shop

we can use the toilet of 45 degrees of inclined shops method, and then combined with vertical loading, this lets metope is become by comparing drab before geometry line more rich and colorful, also can strengthen the empty stereo feeling and lively atmosphere.

the bathroom floor tile shop law # 3: dry stick method

the bathroom floor tile is stuck there is called a dry paste method, is to use ceramic tile gelling agent shop, this approach is to change the traditional cement, ceramic tile can need not immersed in advance, as long as the basic conditions of floor tile shop is stuck is better, is that you can proceed to the shop is stuck, and the effect of paste are far more than the cement pavement, very suitable for operation and work environment isn't ideal home decoration.

a above the several cad toilet ground ceramic tile shop is stuck, we don't have to worry about the toilet on the ground of the shop is stuck method is not enough. Hurry up and move, to decorate your most satisfied with the kitchen.

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