Bo changes a brick and what are the differences between the glazed ceramic tile

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-02

ceramic tile is our household decorates is very important when a household building materials, the species is also very much. And also because of the ceramic tile products available in the market too much, what about a lot of ceramic tile is difficult to identify, such as bo changes a brick and glazed ceramic tile, we can introduce bo changes a brick small make up today and what is the difference between the glazed ceramic tile?

a, difference on the color appearance distinguish: bo changes a brick tile differs not too intense, between various color all glazed ceramic completely unrestricted, black and red yellow blue blue completely no problem. From grain meticulous: bo changes a brick textures can't do is very small, the glazed ceramic can do it like a needle and thread the appearance of fine lines. The key difference is that adobe: bo changes a brick is the color into the brick, so 1 - below the surface The color of the 2 mm brick and surface is the same. And the glaze is not the same, not seep into the brick, if bricky face only a very thin layer of a color glaze must be just. Second, the craft is the difference between bo changes a brick and all glazed ceramic in the process of production is high temperature, but bo changes a brick firing temperature and requirements will be higher than the glazed ceramic, it also caused the bo changes a brick and differences in the glazed ceramic hardness; Differences in the polishing technology, the bo changes a brick with hard cast technology of brick processing depth is deeper, usually surface grinding quantity can reach 0. 8 - 1. 5 mm, and glazed ceramic tile belongs to soft, the surface grinding depth up to 0. 3 - 0. 5 mm, if the grinding depth is too big, easy to damage the glazed ceramic tile surface glaze layer; Glazed ceramic tile in the high temperature firing before did 2 - tile surface 3 glazing processing, and the surface of the bo changes a brick is not glazing process; , as a result of glazed ceramic tile surface grinding quantity is not big, so for the flatness requirements of the firing is higher than bo changes a brick, more difficult. All three, hardness difference due to bo changes a brick and glazed ceramic in the differences of the production process, mainly is the difference of surface glazing or not, the bo changes a brick and full of glazed ceramic body hardness difference after firing. Glazed ceramic tiles glazing process on the surface, the hardness is relatively low bo changes a brick, in general, the hardness of bo changes a brick in Morse 7 degrees or so, even more, and the mohs hardness of glazed ceramic tile is less than 5; It is because of the product because different product hardness hardness, hardness, bo changes a brick and glazed ceramic sintering process is different, after all glazed ceramic tile can only make soft handle. Bo changes a brick, and what is the difference between the glazed ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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