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by:LONGFAVOR     2020-07-28

ceramic tile of gum is generally what glue? What is the difference between them and the traditional method? Method of use is what? Below small make up detailed answer these questions. ( Ceramic tile.

ceramic tile glue, also known as the ceramic tile adhesive or adhesive, adhesive cement and other methods, is a new type of modern decorative materials, replaced the traditional cement sand, the cohesive force is several times of cement mortar, can effectively paste large ceramic tile, stone to avoid the risk of falling bricks. Good flexibility, prevent the formation of the empty drum. Mainly used for stickup ceramic tile, decorative materials, such as floor tile is widely used in external walls, floor, bathroom, kitchen and other places of architectural decoration. Its main characteristic is high adhesive strength, water resistance and freeze resistance, ageing resistance, construction is convenient, is a very ideal bonding material.

ceramic tile adhesive classification

ceramic tile adhesive generally divided into normal ( Type 1) Type, strength, ( Type 2) And toughness ( 3) 。

among them, the common ceramic tile adhesive for bonding of ordinary mortar on the surface of the floor tile or small wall brick;

puissant ceramic tile adhesive than ordinary adhesive has strong adhesive force, also has the ability to prevent loss. They apply to require larger wall brick and wood adhesive force.

tough ceramic tile adhesive extremely flexibility, adhesion is very big, is better than strength type. Effectively prevents damage to the thermal expansion and cooling of ceramic tile. Usually used for fiber board, gypsum board, plywood or old decorative surface adhesion. 。 。

ceramic tile adhesive using method

the first step: wet construction interior wall, ground, wall, ground must be kept dry, wall body, ground surface should be smooth, not smooth or rough surface available cement mortar polishing.

step 2: remove the base of the ash, oil stain, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of ceramic tile;

the third step: adjust the adhesive, the proportion of water and cement about 1:4, stir to mix well. Adhesive should be finished in 5 ~ 6 hours ( When the temperature is higher, the light is enough should be finished in a short time) ;

step 4: the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck on the back of the rubber coated with mixed, firm pressure to the ceramic tile surface level off, the mobile can be corrected in 15 minutes.

back the bonding strength of ceramic tile is the traditional method of many times, now instead of the traditional methods, so make sure you understand the use of the ceramic tile adhesive back.

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