Article package ceramic tile glue in detail

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-06
About the content of the article package ceramic tile glue in detail, believe that is one of the most don't not understand. The following content is for us the article about the package strip in detail the specific content of ceramic tile, hope the relevant article package ceramic tile strip in detail the process of information can help to you.

ceramic tile strip using error

ceramic tile strip use should pay attention to avoid mixed sand or cement, also do not put in spades on mixing or is placed in a bucket bubble.

1, ceramic tile adhesive in the mixed cement, sand, etc.

ratio of ceramic tile adhesive is already a good product, no need to add other things, if you add can destroy the ratio of the product, the quality cannot be guaranteed, tile prone to empty drum, fall off wait for a problem. With glue of ceramic tile can save space more than the use of cement, ceramic tile adhesive just a thin layer.

2, mix of ceramic tile adhesive on the ground with a spade

in the first place on the ground can lead to loss of effective chemical compositions of the ceramic tile adhesive second cannot mix with a spade, manual mixing water ratio is very difficult to precise at the same time, the ratio of material change, loss of ceramic tile adhesive viscous force.

3, long-term use ceramic tile adhesive on the bucket bubble to use

some construction master used to cement to dip ceramic tile adhesive, it is not correct. The blend good ceramic tile adhesive is placed for a long time in the ground or a bucket to soak, such easy to cause the ceramic tile adhesive bond strength, resulting in the late fall powder, and brick.

4, use a long time, and then adding water mixing use

some of the teacher will leave last night ceramic tile adhesive, ceramic tile in the morning and add water and powder mixing.

actually placed because time is too long, the active components of ceramic tile adhesive has produces chemical reaction, water will change its operating performance, lead to the late binding strength lack gum increases with the increasing stirring with ceramic tile, use the time control within 2 hours, should be discarded after the dry solid.

the above about the content of the article package ceramic tile glue in detail to introduce here, hope everyone in reading as well as more seriously, to avoid unnecessary mistakes you in decorating a process.

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