Analysis on the technology and production difficulties of whole-body marble tiles

by:LONGFAVOR     2021-04-23
Whole body marble is one of the most popular ceramic tiles in the current ceramic tile market, but the whole body marble advertised by many merchants is not the most authentic whole body. The reason is that the whole body marble tile technology and production difficulties are difficult to keep up with the demand. What are the technical and production difficulties?     The whole body marble tile is based on the traditional non-whole body marble tile surface texture highly restored natural stone foundation. The blank color material is added to the tile body powder, and the powder car cloth is used to form different textures. Similar to the polished body, the marble tile product that makes the tile body basically consistent with the surface texture and color can also be said to be a combination of the polished tile body and the ordinary full polished glaze. Among them, there are two main ways to generate toner. One is dyeing in the slurry before the powder is formed, that is, adding the ceramic pigment to the colorless basic ceramic slurry in a certain proportion to form the color slurry. The color paste is directly formed into colored powder particles through spray drying; this is also the traditional method used to prepare the color powder for polished tile products. The other is to directly pass the spray tower without adding color to the slurry to produce colorless spray tower powder. , And then use the dry coloring system to wrap the pigment around the colorless powder to form a colored powder. This is a relatively new type of dry-mixed toner in China. This toner is not used to make polished tiles, because the toner is polished. The middle is still colorless. The production process of the whole whole body marble tile is worse than the ordinary full polished glaze. It is on the blank and the base glaze before inkjet. The other controls are almost the same as the normal full polished glaze. I won't say more here. The whole body is in the production process. These two places are also prone to problems. The green body uses powder truck cloth to form textures. In order to ensure the stability of the texture, it is necessary to use the grid to send the powder to the inside of the cavity, because some characteristics of the powder are not suitable, and the grid will be formed again. Grid printing, this is a problem that everyone needs to pay attention to. Serious products can be seen after firing out of the kiln, and minor ones are more obvious after polishing. To solve this problem, a full set of relevant process points need to be adjusted. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the base glaze before inkjet in the production of full-body marble tiles. The glaze should not be too thick but also has good color development ability, so that the pattern and the blank will not appear obvious white after the bevel and groove. line.   The above is the author's analysis of the whole body marble tile technology and production difficulties. The production is more difficult and the process is more complicated, creating the 'noble' of the whole body marble tiles. The rush to buy on the market also reminds the majority of whole body marble manufacturers to improve their strength and produce perfect whole body marble tiles.
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