After the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks to check

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-08-28

the focus of the kitchen is decorated in our daily life, because the kitchen is used frequently in our daily life place, decorate in household kitchen in, we usually choose ceramic tile in the shop is stuck to decorate, but need to pay special attention to ceramic tile shop sticks kitchen and sitting room is different, so the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks? How to acceptance after ceramic tile shop sticks? We introduce in detail to solve these problems.

the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks? How to acceptance after ceramic tile shop sticks?

the kitchen ceramic tile shop sticks craft:

1, the basic level processing:

1) , concrete metope processing: using caustic soda water or other detergent construction surface clean, with 1:1 cement mortar to jilt into small, hair, two days after put into 1:3 cement mortar layer.

2) , old building surface treatment: surface dirt, clean up the original construction and process the surface by hand carved into MAO metope.

3) , brick wall surface treatment: the construction surface is clean, and then with water wet metope, 1:3 cement mortar layer.

4, the product before the shop is stuck, please according to the above method a brick products in space will roll out a set of all observed every 10 square metre, if you have clear off color, please contact us immediately cease use and distribution of the unit.

2, ceramic tile should fully immersed before the shop is stuck, in order to make sure the shop is stuck firm.

4, before the shop is stuck, application of cement mortar floor or wall, and according to the size of brick row line, need to reserve 3 - when crossed 5 mm mortar joint, dung in case do not agree with bricky system expansion coefficient and lead to adverse consequences.

6, when the shop is stuck on the ground, it's best to start after the flattening of the metope of the line and row or the ground from a certain height to pull two mutually perpendicular level, with level a level.

5, it is recommended to use 525 # cement or the mixture of cement and tile adhesives to make after the shop is stuck, before the shop is stuck not will wet brick.

7, take proper amount of mucilage in the corner, quasi flat until about 1 cm thick is set for the first piece of brick tile on the mucilage, a wooden hammer knock gently to cement and ensure the brick surface and edge and pull on an equal or vertical position, the rest of the brick, in turn, the shop is stuck until complete; Mucilage is a bit dry, use wood Xie or fine sand in the brick surface clean pulp and surface.

8, 12 hours after the shop is stuck, should knock brick surface inspection, if discover free knock sound should be rerouted, all brick pavement finished product 24 hours rear can walk, scrub.

9, no. Please note that the size and color of the mark on the outer packing, use the same size and color, just can use adjacent size and color number. Before the shop is stuck please antifouling agent is wiped clean, with design, many have directional pattern, product should be according to the graphic method the shop is stuck, in order to best adornment effect.

these are on the kitchen floor tile paving construction technology, after ceramic tile shop is stuck, the need for acceptance, general ceramic tile shop sticks acceptance criteria are:

1, pay attention to the floor tile whether need spelling a flower, or in accordance with the unified direction of the shop is stuck.

2, floor tile flatness with 2 meters level examination, the error must not exceed 0. 5 mm, adjacent brick elevation difference should not exceed 0. Gap straightness 3 mm, 5 mm, laid of floor tile, the other type of work may not be pollution, not trample. 24 hours after the completion of the floor tile crack-cleaning, cleaning, and maintenance.

3, floor tile empty drum phenomenon is controlled within 3%, the empty on the main channel must be rework, 3% single refers to the single block edges empty drum, not empty drum.

4, finished floor tile shop to check whether there is any error on flatness, empty drum, such as color, with a cardboard or cover protection, plywood, old carpet, etc all joints between must paste with wide tape tight, prevent sundry into.

5, under normal circumstances, the levelness of the floor tile is allowed 2 mm error, floor tile must be consistent, the cracks in the brick and tile diagonal place should level off, The 0 is allowed. 3 mm error) , hutch, defend the wall brick in addition to the brick and tile diagonal place should level off, still water pingdu ( Allow 1 mm error) And vertical degree ( Allow 2 mm error) To achieve, toilet, balcony ground brick floor drain should be considered, should first put slope, such as no special reasons can not have water.

6, wall brick and ground brick after the shop need caulking agent or wet slurry caulking white cement.

7, brick surface crack is neat, uniform neatly, brick seam is not more than 1 mm, ceramics error is less than 0. 8cm。

8 kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and a floor drain floor tile is there enough since the slope drainage.

9, have broken brick surface collapse phenomenon.

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