4080 wall ceramic tile stick method generally pay attention to what problem?

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-10
During the whole process in the adornment that occupy the home, many homeowners are aware 4080 wall ceramic tile stick method placed more strong, but with exterior contrast, floor tile placed firmly and process performance is particularly important. Today, will give you a detailed account of 4080 wall ceramic tile stick law should pay attention to the problem. 4080 wall ceramic tile stick law should how? 4080 wall ceramic tile stick method have any problem to pay attention to? 1, the size of floor tile floor tile, now very is the floor tile in stateroom, key specifications for 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm ( A meter) , the most common is 600 mm and 800 mm proposed on the basis of pavement area and the part of the furniture. Contains little bricks and a lot of floor tile of interior space to build up the interior space to expand a visual sense, and the damage will be lower than the damage of large and medium-sized floor tile. Large capacity covered large brick, can see the floor tile of 800 and even one meter very well.

delivery to the floor tile of on the spot inspection entity model and select the size of the same size. Lines must be early estimates, and after the send to address all damaged and destroyed. If there is no production and processing, brick can be moved around. But, must pay attention to appear sometimes color difference, during transport and charge the objective fact.

2, brick road brick of floor tile order is the first layer of the order of the brick and floor tile. Generally, metope is not easy to immediately on the top ( The roof line ratio) 。 When shop shower floor tile, should do a good job in slope to prevent the water. From the ground around two bearing point of view, should give full consideration to the general interior space is the total width of four edges, is unlikely to make all of the brick is full of a whole piece of brick, and laser cutting, but neat, to ensure all along side or both sides are very clean.

laser cutting in the middle, and then are able to carry out design according to the specific circumstances. In the middle of the wall a door, then you can put the brick of laser cutting in the top of the door, because you don't pay attention. For example, if you have a locked server rack, you can put the brick of laser cutting in the side of the server rack, but you can't see it.

4080 wall ceramic tile stick method what method?

the most up to date is two kinds of methods, one is the traditional pastry mixed mortar, to put it bluntly, is a very good understanding,

second way thin stocks, a unique adhesive brick wall brick because adhesive is very thin, I like application carefully paste way to call it. In fact, no matter what method, bao hou manufactured brick surface smoothness is basically the same, because no matter how it is placed, it is difficult to avoid the wall above idea other process.

mixed mortar can be used to leveling the walls, and mixed mortar can be thick and thin. If the application of ceramic tile adhesive, the wall will be leveling process, then it will be used to make soft. If metope is located in the rural grassroots, when the developers to build the house, right in the leveling work,

so meticulous glue in fact can save interior space.
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