4 big toilet ceramic tile of choose and buy skills

by:LONGFAVOR     2020-09-10

ceramic tile because of its characteristics such as waterproof and easy clean beautiful style, decorate in the family in used by a lot of, especially the toilet so moist environment. When choosing so are the ceramic tile of the more expensive the better? Or on the surface of the complete ceramic tile is the good? Then bring you 4 big toilet ceramic tile of choose and buy skills, hope for your help.

1, the toilet from packing to arbitrary took out a piece of ceramic tile surface, whether the surface is smooth, in good condition, glaze should be uniform, brightness, no spots, lack of glaze, knock against, structured around the edges. Glaze is not light, send acerbity, or have a bubble belong to quality problem. 2, listen to the ceramic tile tapping one brick to knock on another, or with other hard objects to knock on a brick, if bricky sound is ringing, loud and clear, that the good quality of brick and it's cooked. If abnormal voice, brick with double skin or crack phenomenon: double skin is brick forming, material, air discharge, combination between cause and material is bad, inner crack, look not to come out on the surface, only listen to the voice identification. 3, test the water absorption performance of ceramic tile, water droplets in ceramic tile the reverse side to scatter the water infiltration speed, in general, the slower suction, show that the density of ceramic tile, the greater the quality, the better; On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, density is sparse, its quality is better than the former. 4, quantity of the size of ceramic tile take two pieces of the same specification price of ceramic tile, is the size of the brick are consistent, allowing small brick deviation in the plus or minus 1 mm, big brick allows the plus or minus 2 mm. In addition, compare the bridging of ceramic tile, align the two ceramic tile, middle gap as small as possible. If it is a brick pattern must be pieced together by four pieces to a complete design, whether should also be optimistic about the brick pattern, clear. 4 big toilet ceramic tile of choose and buy skills here, hope to be of help, if you would like to know more about ceramic tile can click on the ceramic tile of brand for details.

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